DMH eventsHub

“The purpose of the EventsHub site is to offer a Registration, Administration & Tracking, and eCommerce website for access to mental health related trainings and conferences. Here users can see the most up to date available seminars and trainings provided by Los Angeles County’s Department of Mental Health (DMH), view details and other static contents of site, and maintain a transcript account of attended events. Users can not only view all available seminars and training events, they can also purchase registration/e-tickets for admission to those seminars.”

What is Our Goal?

Our mission at DMH is to optimize the hope, wellbeing and life trajectory of Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable through access to care and resources that promote not only independence and personal recovery but also connectedness and community reintegration...

  • Building access networks to bridge resource gaps in the community
  • Leveraging the child welfare and foster care system
  • Increasing the availability of effective care
  • Maintaining relationships with those we serve